Do you deal (or have you dealt) with transgressive behavior, such as bullying, discrimination, (sexual) harassment or abuse? Or have you witnessed something that is not acceptable? Talk about it and report it. 

For immediate reports, support, and confidential conversations, please contact:

MORES Foundation

Independent confidentiality advisors for dancers and those involved in art, culture and dance education.

Center for Safe Sports Netherlands

Independent confidentiality advisors for everyone in the dance sport sector.

Do you need immediate help?

Please contact one of the following agencies:

Centrer for Sexual Violence

  • For anyone who has experienced sexual violence, online or offline  
  • Referrals to doctors, nurses, psychologists, police, or other support professionals 

Victim Support Nederland

  • Support for everyone  
  • Emotional support, practical assistance & legal advice

MIND Korrelatie

  • Support for everyone  
  • Psychological and psychosocial help

Where can I share my story?

For questions, a listening ear or to make a report, you can contact the confidential contact person of your organization or branch organizations: Dansondernemers Nederland, Dutch Gymnastics or NADB.

If you do not want to tell your story to your own (branch) organization, you can contact the parties below:

Dance & Culture

  • MORES Foundation
  • For everyone in the dance and cultural sector

Dance & Education

If you are following a dance education course, you can contact your own training institute. See on the next page where you can go for your training:

Dance Sport

  • Center for Safe Sport Netherlands
  • For everyone in the Sport Sector

Dance & Youth

  • Children’s telephone: for youth up to 18 years old
  • Alles Okė? Support line: young adults between 18 and 25